Hermes d20. $5,850. Screw it y’all, we’re done. Mankind has evolved so far from chasing mastodons for meat that we can employ some number of people to make non-ironic items of completely unneeded luxury. Come, massive flaming extra-stellar mineral and ice object and force a hard reset. Creation would be well rid of us.

What’s one of the unexpected benefits of freelancing again? The way it feels to finally use #slack again. Separate private channels for each of my clients, instant cred with designers and agencies who already know and live Slack. And the pleasure of introducing those who haven’t used it to a no-app-needed, persistent hyper-presence portal to another world of instant, frictionless sharing and connection. #loveslackbaby #liveslackloveslack

What a phenomenal night at the fabulous @theeastroom where @gadabouttheater gave us a play about a very complicated relationship between a chimpanzee and the woman he calls Mom. @haggardhenry directed Nick Jones’ play “Trevor”. And Daniel Swinney’s last turn on a Nashville before he heads to LA to get famous. (at The East Room)