Trying to watch the Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson [sex] tape is like undergoing astronaut training and throwing up in your space helmet. #fb #vanityfair

James Wolcott, “Schtuppin’ With The Stars”, Vanity Fair February 2010.

Working at a tech company, mixing up the pronunciation of your industry Thought Leader’s name (Jobs, with a short o) with that of your sophomore philosophy professor (Jobs with a long o) is bad enough.  Doing so out loud in from of 50 of your colleagues at work is a kind of hell I’ll not soon forget.  Thus my new mnemonic device “I have a job because Steve Jobs gave us the iPod.”

The tragic days of our lives, the days of accounting, begin like any other, with routine, with the bagel in the toaster and the coffee on the stove. So this is a morning.

T. Coraghessan Boyle, A Death in  Kitchawank.  The New Yorker, Jan. 18, 2010