After I finished cleaning the bathrooms, I nipped off to try and make some pictures. I started out at the silos on First, but wasn’t feeling any of what I saw there and moved on to the old Durango Boot factory at 3rd and N Margin.

I got a couple of images that might be worth keeping but I’d held my ticket too late and the light had snuck off behind the trees, leaving the old roof and trusses flat and bland.

Again, I find that managing time is the single best going I can do to make better pictures. The time to scout is two hours BEFORE the light you want. This is especially the case when you know your subject is hemmed in on all sides by trees, meaning the Magic Time is going to be fleeting at best.

I’d wised up this time, taking one lens. But doing so once won’t break the habit of fucking around with equipment. Instead, I need to spend a couple of months shooting one lens. I could use the discipline and I’d cut down on the dead weight I drag along as well.

So much to learn. So little time.