Hello? Anybody here?

Of course they aren’t. Have you looked at the calendar?

It’s Thursday, 21 December. The Great December Diaspora has begun. And yes, it has an outsized effect on #freelancers.

Calls and emails ho unanswered, Slack chats gather dust, etc. And Lord help you if you’re expecting invoices to get paid 🙂 BUT there’s a lot that you can do with two quiet weeks. And should.

Finish up the undone certification course you started. Take the time to write some thoughtful emails to people you work with but don’t actually connect deeply with. Go talk a walk outside in the park at 9 am. Smile and wave at the bundled up babies out in their strollers.

Bidness may be shut down for two weeks. Don’t bother fighting it. Give your soul a break. Its been a long year.

Broke 15k words today. Really thought I would be doing something with more emotional resonance. Instead of the deadly boring combination of exposition and jargonizing that this thing is turning into.

I’m not worried that my soul is dead and I’ve squandered what little potential to make “important art.”(much). But I am wondering at what point anyone, myself included, will start caring about my main character and the journey he seems locked into like a death march.

It’s true. Plant your butt in the chair and stare at the screen. Just stopped for the night having blown through a total of about 2300 for the night. (And some of them are actual words!)

NPR tonight carried an interview with #Roald Dahl’s youngest daughter Lucy that offered fascinating insight into the way Dahl worked. Not surprisingly, routine was at the heart of Dahl’s success.  She says:

His work sessions were very strict — he worked from 10 until 12 every day and then again from 3 until 5 every day. And that was it. Even if there was nothing to write he would still, as he would say, “put his bottom on the chair.”

You can hear the whole thing here.

12,000 words. Well behind pace. Draggy. And holy crap it all sucks. So much. On the flipside, my punctuation skills tonight are unstoppable.

The reality of social media for writers is this … anyplace we tweet, replay, post, expound, rant or rail is writing (just like, I suppose, Twinkies are, technically, food).  And For anyone trying to become a diarist, an increasing amount of what would once have been relegated to the pages of a diary or blog ends up being left on the various fora and social media sources we take part in.  Heretofore, I haven’t been able to find an easy, intuitive way to get a summary of all my brilliance in one place.

I just started using Memento, an iPhone/iPod touch-only app that acts as a simple diary. The layout is beautiful and the feature set appropriately limited.  However, the best part is that Memento will also capture all of your social media and similar feeds and document them to the same day they occurred.  So my clever replies to friends, tweets, etc. are all gathered and shown as links in a given day’s entry.  It’s like a readable, searchable greatest hits collection.

It ends up being less of a social media aggregator and more on an archiver with date awareness. 

In any case, I like being able to see what I said in one place.  It’s a beautiful app and at $1.99, it’s an easy investment.