Hello? Anybody here?

Of course they aren’t. Have you looked at the calendar?

It’s Thursday, 21 December. The Great December Diaspora has begun. And yes, it has an outsized effect on #freelancers.

Calls and emails ho unanswered, Slack chats gather dust, etc. And Lord help you if you’re expecting invoices to get paid 🙂 BUT there’s a lot that you can do with two quiet weeks. And should.

Finish up the undone certification course you started. Take the time to write some thoughtful emails to people you work with but don’t actually connect deeply with. Go talk a walk outside in the park at 9 am. Smile and wave at the bundled up babies out in their strollers.

Bidness may be shut down for two weeks. Don’t bother fighting it. Give your soul a break. Its been a long year.