It’s true. Plant your butt in the chair and stare at the screen. Just stopped for the night having blown through a total of about 2300 for the night. (And some of them are actual words!)

NPR tonight carried an interview with #Roald Dahl’s youngest daughter Lucy that offered fascinating insight into the way Dahl worked. Not surprisingly, routine was at the heart of Dahl’s success.  She says:

His work sessions were very strict — he worked from 10 until 12 every day and then again from 3 until 5 every day. And that was it. Even if there was nothing to write he would still, as he would say, “put his bottom on the chair.”

You can hear the whole thing here.

12,000 words. Well behind pace. Draggy. And holy crap it all sucks. So much. On the flipside, my punctuation skills tonight are unstoppable.

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