4. On how [David Sedaris] copes with writer’s block:

Sometimes when I’m stuck, I’ll open an English textbook, and do the homework. There are a lot of college writing textbooks that will include essays and short stories, and after reading the story or essay, there will be questions such as “Have YOU Had any experience with a pedophile in YOUR family?” or “When was the last time you saw YOUR mother drunk?” and they’re just really good at prompting stories. You answer the question, and sometimes that can spring into a story. You know, this is really good advice: I mean, I don’t have advice to offer on many things, but THAT is good advice, and you’re NOT gonna hear it from a lot of other places. Sometimes, I listen to… jazz. It can’t be… music with words in it. But lately, I’m on a… let’s see, I’m on a Bobby Enriquez kick. It doesn’t have anything to do with writer’s block. Well, where we live in Sussex, sometimes there are gliders over our house, and gliders don’t make any noise, but the planes that tow them into the sky do, but I like to cover up the sound of the planes. It’s like a flying lawnmower.

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