Spectacular views.

As I get ready to head out to New Mexico to take a b/w landscape photography class, I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of photographer I want to be.  The pictures that have always stopped me up short are those where the photographer “saw” something most other people overlook.

There have been volumes written on how to see better photographs, but I imagine this kind of sight as being a state of mind that photographers come to reside in full time.  A sort of stillness or receptiveness that allows glimpses like the picture above to imprint and register long enough for the photographer to stop and evaluate the light, the composition, everything and make a picture.

It’s what makes portraits (and photos in general) so arresting when they’re done well.  Everyone can see a person’s face.  But the photographer has figured out, through repetition or instinct or mojo, how and when to actually capture the person on film.  The same goes for old houses hidden by trees.

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