From the Tennessean:

Early voting totals in Tennessee lowest since 2008.

“Only 281,278 people — including 178,915 Republicans and 89,534 Democrats — participated in early voting, which ended Saturday, for Thursday’s primary.”

You know who is counting on this slackassed approach to #suffrage by Democrats county- and statewide?

Jeremy “Pants Candy” Durham.

Whoever this Glenn Starrett choad is.

Scott Dejarlais.

Glenn Casada.

A bunch of school board members who want to prevent a liberal caliphate from invading schoolkids’ textbooks and trans people from setting up recruiting stations in public bathrooms.

Voting. It’s a thing. You’ve GOT to do it. This Thursday especially, given the number of local and school board seats that are in play.

Because whether #OrangeyMcDouchetrumpet or #ImWithHer wins isn’t really going to change your day-to-day all that much.

But school boards and state reps? That’s serious. Those seats are often decided by only a few hundred (or even a few dozen) votes between smart people and dumb people who will be making decisions on how to spend your tax dollars.

I’m on a fast from the echo-chamber/amplifier of Facebook, and cross-posting this from my blog, so I won’t see your responses. Come over to and tell me I’m full of it. I’ve got cookies.

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