I’ve been tapped to go to Berlin, Germany this September to represent Griffin at IFA 2016. It’s the first time I’ve been out of the US since 2007 (British Virgin Islands, on a cruise) and first time I’ve been to Europe since 1985 (high school!), when I was lucky enough to take a Grand Little Tour of 6 countries in 4 days tour.

And so I’m sort of geeking out … booking and obsessively looking at seats on the plane; checking passport validity and applying for Global Entry; downloading language immersion apps; money thinking (Euros from my bank here at home? From an ATM in Berlin when I land?); and overall losing my 48-years-old-and-have-seen-a-lot-of-things-but-not-really-all-that-many-things-in-the-scheme-of-things shit over the prospect of travel outside the borders.

Instead of Facebooking the entire experience, I’m going to try and blog here. 

Flights: Booked.  Lufthansa.   There: BNA–>IAD–>MUC–>TXL  Back Again: TXL–>MUC–>ORD–>BNA.  Highlight will be flying on a Boeing 747-800 and an Airbus 340-600.

Transfer from TXL to Hotel: Booked.

Hotel: Booked. Looks like a comfy modern hotel in the city center.

Passport: Valid. Thank Jeebus.

Global Entry: Applied. Waiting on the email back that shows a conditional approval.

Language: Duolingo as a game and now I’m looking for a speak-and-repeat app I can use during my commute.

Mood: Excited and a little apprehensive.

Follow along here to see and hear the highlights and lowlights.

Coming Soon:  Dataplan Sez What? How I’ll Use My iPhone in Deutschland.

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