Being 44 doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve figured everything out.  Far from it.  While some things have become more intuitive–or comfortable–with age (confrontation at work, running, using hot sauce on everything), I still find myself making lists of things that “a guy of my age should be doing.”

Listening to jazz is one of those things.  Listening to jazz has always presented a sort of sheer cliff face to me.  So many musicians, so many styles, and so much music writing dissecting the form and handing down judgements on who’s doing it right all add up to a kind of secret club whose handshake and passwords are unknowable.

Which is why I’m happy to have found Spotify’s Blue Note app.  The App allows users to navigate through Blue Note’s legendary catalog by year, by style or by instrumental preference. 

Then, once you’ve set your sliders, the app serves up Blue note examples of the music you’ve chosen.  So in this case, I’ve selected 1961, and Spotify plans on playing Stanley Turrentine, Baby Face Willette and Lou Donaldson.  All stuff I’d never run across otherwise.

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