“Here’s the genius thing of it all. I’ll know.

I’ll have been watching everything, recording everything. Uplinking everything back to Oz. And watching my PayPal fill up as the editors go through my feed and see the things that I see.

I love what you show me. I love what I see that you don’t mean to show me. Because it’s what you don’t want me to see that’s what I have to see.

It’s what you pay me to see, and to show you … streaming and raw, listicled and photo galleried, Vined and gifd. And finally, digitally shelved off shore where it will live forever, hiding in plain sight, online and available.

Just waiting for someone somewhere some night to get hooked by OMFG Mom Loses Shit As Hot Daughter Poles Cable Guy blinking in a Facebook ad. That slugtard clicks, the video buffers and I just made another two-tenths of a Bit. 

Because you people will eat anything.”

I made my count for the day … 3200 words and change makes up for a lost day yesterday.

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