Just saying it aloud feels fake.

“I’m going to write a novel in November." 

But time, creative antsyness and a college classmate’s debut novel all conspired to make me hit nanowrimo.org and commit myself, with thousands of others, to creating a 50,000-word novel.

Without spending too long thinking about it, I can imagine that there a few things I’ll need to set aside for the month if I’m to create the mental and horological headroom needed to crank out 1600 words a day.  On top of the writing I already do at work.

But I’m already thinking about affirmations that will help me steer clear of the distractions and focus on what’s really important.

Among those things:

  1. Goodbye endless Facebook lurking. Affirmation: My friends will not become more exciting in the month of November. Neither, for that matter, will I.
  2. Goodbye endless Flipboard flipping. Affirmation: There is no tech or Apple-related news I won’t hear over and over again when I get to work the next day.
  3. Goodbye endless out-of-tune-singing-of-Radiohead-songs with my ukulele. Affirmation: I may be creeeeeeep and a loooooooseeer-er-er, but singing about it won’t really do much more than distress the cats.
  4. Goodbye endless re-arranging of apps on my iPhone. Affirmation: There is no ideal arrangement of apps, and I am comfortable with that.

Who knows how this will play out. But I want it clearly noted that I didn’t undertake this journey flippantly. I think it’s going to be like training for a marathon. Only I don’t can’t increase my caloric intake to 4500 calories a day and not end up looking like Jabba the Hutt.

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