Since returning from New Mexico last month, I’ve been thinking a lot about curation and curatorship.

I shot 7 rolls of B/W film and about 4 GB worth of digital photos.  Of that, I made 5 prints from the film, and have yet to publish any of the digital. 

Part of the hesitation is personal.  Part of it is laziness.  But a larger part is the fact that I’m still thinking on what the work that I show says about the trip I took and, more importantly, what the trip meant. 

Without doing further reading, it seems that this is the essence of curatorship – the discipline lies in the thought that occurs before I begin posting/publishing/printing.  It’s about more than IDing the “best” of the work.  Instead, it has to do with amassing a series of photos that not only tell a story, but convey something larger.  I don’t yet know what that something is.

I hope to figure it out.

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