“Selasphorus rustus.”

After a rufous hummingbird that flew into Long House and exhausted himself. Finn cared for him in his last hours, then wanted to collect the bones after he died.

This piece is my first exploration of a sort of rust-punk taxidermy vibe I’d like to start exploring. Think #NIN’s video “Closer” as the animal heads rotate slowly in the opening minutes of the video.


Angle-grinder removed all the existing rust from the head and added the bright rings to the eyes (galvanized steel). Force-oxidized and pitted the surface with multiple applications of salt and hydrogen peroxide. Rinsed, then fixed with 3 coats of #Penetrol then 2 coats of spray lacquer.


Installed, it hangs by the crest from a 10-foot-tall tripod formed with #3 rebar. I used monofilament to hang it at 5 feet high and it rotated slowly in the breeze. In its final installation, I’ll probably use copper-coated steel wire pulled to tension with a buried rock or other heavy weight.

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