Back from CES means back to a regular work schedule and, more importantly, a regular sleep schedule.  My “sleep hygiene” really suffered the week I spent in Vegas, a fact that was made abundantly clear to me thanks to my favorite find at CES, Zeo’s Sleep Manager Mobile. 

Zeo uses a comfortable, lightweight headband that tracks the brain’s electrical activity as I sleep and sends the data via Bluetooth to my iPhone where it’s crunched and visualized in a simple, well-designed app.  When I wake up, the app displays the sleep I got (or didn’t get) in an easy-to-read graph.

Red bars indicate awakeness (bad), light sleep, R.E.M. sleep and deep sleep.  In my first week with the Zeo, I can already see the that I’m not sleeping well at all.

Because the headband is transmitting data every five minutes to the iPhone, Zeo should be plugged in to ensure it gathers a full night’s data … not a problem (WARNING:  unsubtle product placement ahead) as Griffin makes any number of power solutions including  our 3-Meter USB Dock Cable (Available as an accessory purchase in the Zeo online store.)  I wake up with a treasure trove of sleep data AND a fully charged iPhone.  Everybody wins.

Zeo supports the product with an online sleep tracker and an informative blog (  But the real Secret Sauce for me it the fact that it integrates with my Runkeeper data.  I’ve been tracking my running progress for the last 13 months using the Runkeeper app.  Adding sleep data is a big deal as I can draw correspondences between sleep and my running.  Turns out that Runkeeper and ZEO are both Boston-based tech start-ups who have something of a mutual admiration for each other.  I love it when my stuff plays well with others.

I’ve been amazed at the motivating power of data in my running efforts … tracking my total distance, pace, etc. is finally showing that I’m improving.  I’m looking forward to watching the same happen with my sleep.

(Full disclosure:  I received a sample unit at CES last week.  Did that influence the outcome of this review?  Maybe.  But if the product had stunk (and it didn’t) I would have said so.  It’s how I roll.)

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