Have just spent the better part of an afternoon listing a bunch of books on half.com and eBay.  It beats trudging down to a community well to get a bucket of water, but I have to believe that 

I think there could be some sense in forcing yourself to have an EOL plan for everything that you buy.  What you’ll do with it at what point in the future.  If you had to spend time filing a flight plan on every possession, you might think twice on whether you really needed that thing, whatever it is.

Food’s fate is pretty well decided when you buy it.  You buy it, you eat it.  But the novels, plastic cups, steak knives, half life-sized ride-on ponies, DVD box sets, all of it enters into our lives with no real intention if leaving.

Maybe my post-Christmas thing will be to stop for half a second before I buy something and ask “what will I do with this when it’s time to get rid of it?”

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